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Optimizing File Transfer Workflows

Two Great Products
One Simplified Workflow


Discover the dynamic duo within the SILOSYNC ecosystem:

SILOLink and SILOWatch.


These two powerful tools seamlessly connect to your account, enhancing your existing workflow.


 SILOLink revolutionizes collaboration by enabling custom upload paths for freelance 

collaborators to any project or folder on your account.


SILOWatch takes automation to the next level. With the capability to establish multiple watch folders and personalized paths, it automatically downloads files from your account to any folder on your local or network storage.

Easily receive assets from freelance collaborators by sending them a custom upload link 


Create unlimited custom upload paths to any project or folder on your account

Eliminate the need for external collaborators, such as freelance editors, to have their own accounts with costly per-seat fees

Receive an email notification when the files are finished uploading

Ditch the pay-per-gig model and unlock unlimited file uploads with a simple, one-time monthly or yearly fee

Who's It For?
Anyone with a Account Plug-ins For Seamless File Transfers Plug-ins For Seamless File Transfers
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large file transfer

Automate downloads with multiple custom paths to any local, network, or cloud storage


SILOWatch: Automated Efficiency

Experience hassle-free workflow enhancement with SILOWatch. Set watch folders and seamlessly download files from to your preferred path.


Benefit from external storage compatibility, including seamless integration with LucidLink. With SILOWatch, your files move effortlessly, enabling you to focus on what matters most: your creative work.

SILOWatch + SILOLink: The Perfect Pair

Elevate your workflow with SILOLink and SILOWatch. When paired, files automatically upload to your project and download directly to your hard drive. Say goodbye to manual transfers and start working on your projects seamlessly.


Unmatched Speeds
No Data Caps

large file upload service
how to share large video files


Send A Link To An External Collaborator

Collaborators Upload Directly to Your Account

Receive An Email Notification For The Transfer

Auto Download Files To Your Local, or Network Storage


Push Files Directly To LucidLink Plug-ins For Seamless File Transfers Plug-ins For Seamless File Transfers Plug-ins For Seamless File Transfers

Automate The Download With SILOWatch

Review On

Push Directly To LucidLink

File Transfer Pipeline Plug-ins For Seamless File Transfers

Workflow Examples

upload large files
how to share large video files
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How To

Need more information about the setup process? Check out our how to!




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