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Simplified File Uploads 
Smooth Collaboration Account

With SILOLink, you can receive large files from anyone, anywhere, all while preserving the integrity of the folder structure, leveraging the impressive speed and reliability of your existing account.

Customized Paths

Each project on your account can have its own dedicated upload link, allowing external contributors to directly send files to the correct destination. No more confusion or time wasted on sorting files manually.

Link Management

SILOLink allows you to generating a link that can be stored and utilized for as long as required. When the time comes to revoke access, simply delete the link, putting you in full control of your file sharing ecosystem

Upload Directly to

Workflow integration
SiloSync file management
Efficient media transfers

File Sharing

Experience Seamless File Sharing With These Powerful Attributes

Send Files Without Installing Software

Preserve Folder Structure On Upload

No Client Logins To Upload

Recieve Email Notifications Once Files Are Sent

No Filesize Limitations

Embed  The Upload Link Directly On Your Website

Elevate Your Workflow 

Choose A Plan

  • Full Access Monthly

    Every month
    SILOLink & SILOWatch Access
     7 day free trial
  • Best Value

    Full Access Yearly

    Every year
    SILOLink & SILOWatch Access
     7 day free trial

How To

SILOLink Overview

SILOLink 'How To'

Custom Web Portal

SILOLink 'How To'
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